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Lean On Me Services

Everything that you need to get your estate liquidated.

Our services can be mixed, matched, combined, or used however you think they’d fit you best. All of our services are based on the amount of work that needs to be performed, but typically if you opt for our all-inclusive package you’ll never pay anything out of pocket. 

Best Value

Full Estate Service

Make sure you have the easiest move possible by allowing us to handle everything with your estate.  From our first meeting to you getting the check at the closing table, you can lean on us every step of the way. You also won’t pay anything out of pocket.

*All fees are covered through commissions through estate sales and real estate sales. 

Home Staging

Ready for Sale

Do you have too much stuff? Let us help figure out what to do to ensure that you are able to move on from the house when the time is right. This helps take a weight off your shoulders (and your home) plus positions you for an easier transition when the time is right. 

Quick and Efficient

Donation and Cleanout

Sometimes an estate sale is not for you! If your preference is gifting others in our community in need and getting rid of everything as quickly as possible then donating a majority of your items and getting a professional cleanout is the best option. You get the tax deductions as well as the peace of mind of being ready to move on.

Special Items + Collectors

Online Estate Sale

For certain owners, an online sale makes more sense than selling the items in person. If you were an avid comic collector, own vintage high-value items, or just don’t want as many people walking through your house