Your Stuff . . . Is Downsizing for YOU?

As you enter a new season of life, would eliminating things you don’t need, have never used or simply no longer wish to have give you freedom? Each person has been uniquely designed. Some would feel displaced and uncomfortable without ALL of their belongings. Most people would feel a relief. If you are thinking . . .

I should downsize while I can. It’s probably true. For you. For your family and friends. And for others.

For You

When you downsize it typically means less expense, less physical demands and more savings to spend on what you want. If you have less livable space utilities cost less, you need less furnishings, and the time and energy for upkeep is minimized. It is much harder to downsize when you are unfortunate situation forces it. Often after a decline in health, a death of a loved one or a traumatic event a downsize is inevitable. Isn’t it worth considering a move now while you are able and can enjoy some of the benefits?

For Your People

You’ve heard that the next generation doesn’t want your stuff. It’s true. The generations after baby boomers are minimalists. They move a lot. Formal living and dining rooms are a thing of the past. The china, collectibles, antiques and memorabilia do not have the same emotional connection they do to the boomers and their parents. The best thing you can do for your family and friends is to eliminate the belongings you are no longer using now. Sure, they may want an item or two. But for the most part they will be delighted to know they won’t face the job of liquidating your things someday.

For Others

There are people that do need your things. You can sell them on line. You can hire a company to sell them. You can donate to organizations that you believe in and feel good about. You can offer them to people who need them on internet sites as free items. In the end, you’ll have eliminated a lot of your belongings and you’ll feel better about having done so. You may even have an extra buck in your pocket? Or some stories of people you’ve helped by supplying things they needed. It’s a win win.

If you want to look further into the next steps of downsizing, there are organizations that can help. It’s an emotional often back breaking process. If you are not one of the few that can accomplish this task on your own call someone to lean on. Because we all need someone help at some point in our lives. Asking for help shows strength and ultimately helps others when you achieve your goal of downsizing.