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Estate Sale Services Kalamazoo MI

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Why Choose Lean on Me?

With over 25 years of working, living, volunteering and managing businesses in southwest Michigan, our team knows the market well and works hard.

We are persistent and passionate about fulfilling the needs of each and every client. It is important to us that your estate is handled with the care and concern in which we would handle our own family’s estate.

We care. We care about your story. We care about our community. It matters how we respectfully manage your precious belongings. We listen, we ask questions, and we adjust to make this difficult process as seamless as possible for you and your family.

It's About You!

Here’s how the process at Lean on Me estate services works: we will customize our services to meet your needs.

You decide how much (or how little) you would like us to get involved. Some families choose to have us handle every step of the transition; others use just use our consulting services.


It always starts with a complimentary walk-through. We want to understand where you have landed and where you want to land. We’ll talk about several options to help you with your estate.

Estate Sales

We professionally sort, stage, price and staff an energetic, friendly team. Because how your items look and the expertise of the people selling them result in more items sold at higher prices. Our tailored process allows us to efficiently find the best prices for your items and your house!


When we donate, we’ll be strategic. We’ll honor all requests and find the best fit to give back and get the most out of the remaining items. We work with many local organizations to find people in our community that need your remaining items. You will get a detailed list of items donated for tax purposes.


Our dedicated team works with you to sort the items you want to sell and packs the items that you want to heir or take with you. Of course we take extra measure to be sure your belongings end up in the place that feels best to you. Plus we are trained to protect your valuable belongings and handle your possessions with care.


We want you to get the most out of your belongings and your home. It's a strategic detailed process. And timing does make a difference. What items are sold, what items are removed and how your home shows all make a substantial difference in the desirability and value of your home.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Maybe it’s a timing issue, we can be super-fast. Maybe it’s a money issue. Typically, the more time spent sorting, pricing and selling the items results in more money. Maybe it’s a matter of honoring your loved one’s requests. We will work tirelessly to make that happen. Perhaps it is a combination of all of the services we offer?

We will adjust our Estate Sale Services to meet the needs of you and your family.


Looking to find a smaller home and find a new place for the things you’ve accumulated over the years? We pride ourselves in helping people downsize. From determining what to keep, knowing the value of the items you have, marketing and selling your things, preparing your home for sale, selling your home and helping move small items. You can count on us when you need someone to lean on.


Did you get an estate you need help figuring out how to navigate? It’s a complicated, stressful process. Every estate is a different as a personality. We’ll work with you to maximize  profit and minimize stress.

Not in the area?

We’ve worked with many people that live in another state. We will keep you informed, reach out when we need to and mostly handle every twist and turn as if it was our estate.   Let us handle everything so that you can realize maximum value and move on. Get started call today.

Pre-Sale Marketing

Marketing is the key to selling your  items. When sold to a bigger geographic market you get a higher price. Pictures, descriptions, where it’s marketed and who it’s marketed to, all help you eliminate things in the most efficient profitable manner.

5 Star Service

We go above and beyond for all our clients. If you’d like to become the next one on our list of 5 star reviews reach out and we’ll meet with you ASAP. 

Jill Kuta
Jill Kuta
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Therese at Lean on me Services was absolutely amazing throughout each step. If I could rate her a 10 I would and then some. We were selling our home from afar… I was absolutely overwhelmed and super emotional. Not only did Therese pick me up off the floor with a warm smile on her face, she organized, sorted, boxed, moved, cleaned, shredded, saved, and put in storage 14 years of everything we had accumulated. She also cleaned and staged the house for the estate sale and sale of the home. She knew instinctively what to keep and what to purge. I am so thankful to her and her team. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. She was always professional, smile on her face, supportive and she knows the ins and outs of this business. I highly recommend Lean on me Estate Services. We sold our house in one day!
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams
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Therese is incredible; we couldn't have asked for a better agent. Throughout all the surprises she remained driven, compassionate, professional and continually surprised us going above and beyond. She helped us list and sell our home from a huge distance across the country, and it always felt as if we were together in person. I could not recommend her enough!
Marian Hawkins
Marian Hawkins
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Amazing! Therese could not have been more helpful! She is reliable and flexible. She and her company went way above the original scope of my project - where she saw a need, she found a solution! She is upbeat and energetic - she kept me on track, working at my side, until we accomplished our task. I cannot say enough about how she assisted in taking an overwhelming burden out of my life!
Barry V.
Barry V.
Read More
Wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about Therese Lean on Me Estate Services!

Not Sure What You Need?

Part of our job is to get to know you. Then analyze your situation to understand your goals and what’s most important in your unique circumstances. Connect with us your  Free Consultation  comes with absolutely no obligation. Because we all need someone to lean on!

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